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Monday Musings: The Spirit of Fall

I love fall. The colors, cooler temperatures, recipes and the end-of-year reflections. Each autumn is the closing to another year where we have opportunities to spend time with those we love and to celebrate holidays.

I haven't always felt this way. In my younger years, particularly as a teenager and college student, I looked to fall with some trepidation with the start of the school year -- new schedules, obligations and commitments. I didn't particularly care for the season in those terms. I tended to look forward to the spring.

But with age comes maturity and appreciation for things as they are and for what they are. I agree that fall is a season with responsibilities and duties that require never-ending to-do lists. It seems to be a season that teases us with self-talk such as, next week it will slow down, but it never does. However, fall is also a season of farewells, special gatherings and one last time to catch up on things we missed throughout the year.

This fall I'm catching up on reading and household projects I've put off. I realize the holiday season is around the corner and I want to accomplish certain things before I'm distracted with the holiday hustle and bustle. I'm also more in tune with the beauty of the weather -- especially when the temperatures drop or the mornings are cooler (where I live this isn't nearly as common right now as I'd like). The outdoors is an aspect of the season I didn't always appreciate, but I now understand its importance.

The spirit of fall is unique and beautiful. It's a time to celebrate. September and October are the perfect beginning to a season for family, thanksgiving and love.

Happy Fall Y'all!

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