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Monday Musings: Thinking About Fall

I know, I know--it's still only July. We've got time left with Summer 2023! We do--but, sadly, not much. I'm struggling with that reality a little bit this year. And I suspect there are a few reasons why.

Kids Getting Older

There are memes and headlines everywhere that remind parents they only have 18 short years with their kids. I think that reality hit me a little bit this summer as my children become more independent. The summer was such a special time for me growing up, especially because my mom was a teacher and had summers off. I feel these opportunities slipping away as friendships and activities become the center of things.

Complicated Summer

Because my mom had summers off, I have all these memories of snacks by the pool and loads of sunscreen. As I got older, and my parents were busier with their careers, I went off to camp just like my kids, but those relaxing summers still stick with me.

Our summer this year was anything but relaxing. The kids had a slew of different camps, focusing on various hobbies and sports, accompanied by changing dropoff and pickup times nearly every week. I'm eternally grateful for the camps that serve appetizing lunches and I don't have the added complication of keeping deli cold in this heat!

Fall Will Be Crazy

As much as we told ourselves that we wouldn't overdo it with activities, I feel a busy fall approaching! We've steered clear of the "club" sports scene, but we do want to ensure a well-rounded slate of opportunities for our children. This includes a couple of sports and the arts. It means multiple evenings during the week are already booked, and the weekends will likely be spent shuttling our family to and from athletic events.

I am thankful that we will have work schedules that allow us to watch, coach and support our kids in their pursuits, but we definitely won't have much downtime.

All that to say, I'm going to relish these last few weeks of sunshine and swimming before fall is upon us. I hope you can do the same.

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