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Top Shelf: David Baldacci Mystery Series

Today we're talking David Baldacci mysteries, a genre we don't often review. Baldacci is a prolific novelist, with over 50 books and films to his name. I appreciate so many things about his bestselling stories, including the pacing, unique details and his incredible prose. The audiobooks produced from his novels are also excellent and make for great accompaniment on a drive to work or a workout.

In the last year, I've finished two of his mystery collections, the Atlee Pine Series and the 6:20 Man Series.

Atlee Pine is an FBI agent with a horrific background. She emerged from a traumatic childhood experience as a strong, but damaged, woman. In the four-book series, she is solving global crimes while always seeking to solve a mystery much closer to home. What happened to her twin sister?

Travis Devine is a former Army Ranger in his 30's, who is smart, well-trained and struggling to find his place in the world after an unexpected end to his military career. Shortly into the first of the two-book 6:20 Man Series, he falls into a detective career of sorts. In both stories, his personal world and new profession become woven together before he even realizes.

Both books have a lot of characters, but not so many that the reader loses track of their roles. It's just enough that the culprit is clearly among them without being obvious. Baldacci does an equally fine job with female and male protagonists, while including an impressive array of military and law enforcement details. Highly recommend. I'm sure I'll pick up another of his series this year; there are so many to choose from!

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