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Top Shelf: Weather Girl

I read Weather Girl, by Rachel Lynn Soloman, in a couple of days. It's hard to put down, and the characters are so approachable!

Fresh out of a relationship, Seattle meteorologist Ari is finding her way. The book begins with a flurry of activity as we meet her brother and then a few coworkers at a dramatic station Christmas party.

But it's not all parties and tinsel, as depression is a heavy and very real topic in this story. The author even addresses the uniqueness of this subject matter in a note to readers.

However, it is still a romance. Ari and coworker, sports reporter Russell, decide to take on a bit of matchmaking at the office. Of course, they quickly find themselves spending a lot of time together, opening the door for Ari to wonder...

Much of the story revolves around the imperfections we all have as individuals, especially in our roles as employee, spouse, parent, etc.. It's very refreshing to see that in what would typically be thought of as a Romantic Comedy.

There are some risque scenes to be sure, but they present themselves as just one more side of these complex characters. Overall, this is the story of two incredibly sweet people who you will truly enjoy!

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