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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Latest ALDI Haul

It's time to share my latest ALDI favorites because they're that good! (For more great ALDI products, visit here.)

Priano Chocolate Wafers - They melt in your mouth. These bite-size cookies will satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt of indulgence.

Journey to Thailand Pad Thai - Our family enjoys these noodle bowls for lunch. They are tasty, low in calories and they aren't filled with a lot of hidden ingredients.

Reggano Cheesy Skillet - This is a quick and easy dinner to prepare. If you have left over chicken breast, or take time to bake or grill a few breasts, you simply add them to these ingredients. It's deliciously cheesy and filling.

Cretors Cheese & Caramel Popcorn Mix - It doesn't get much better when you can snack on something salty and sweet. This mix does the trick!

If you've never been to ALDI, now is the time to try it. During the holiday season, you'll find great products you won't find anywhere else!

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