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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Pack Your Cooler

We're a few weeks into summer, and we've just about perfected packing up the summer cooler! Last year, we switched to an inexpensive backpack cooler for ease of carrying and traveling, and we can fit all of this and more for an afternoon at the pool or beach.

For reference, ours was under $50 from Target, but I can't find the exact version we have. Look for one that has good reviews and holds enough for you--the backpack feature is super convenient!

To keep drinks and snacks cold for our family, we have a variety of ice packs that we reuse each weekend. These large ones truly keep everything cold, and if we're just going with drinks, we use one each at the front and back of the cooler. We can fit about 10 cans in between and everything stays nice and cold.

If we're going for a longer trip and need to store more beverages and food, we put one in the back, and then shove these little lunchbox-sized freezer packs in to provide extra cooling while taking up minimal space. During the school year, these are great for lunches too.

Now, onto the food storage. I've found several great Target reusable containers that help us pack healthy snacks. While I typically store food in glass, that is just not a safe option for the pool!

This ello bento container is well-designed, dishwasher safe, and comes in a few summery colors! We fill the bottom with a bunch of grapes, and then the top usually gets another fruit and some carrots with hummus. Something for everyone!

For shorter trips or just one person, this Figment bento container also works for the pool as a dishwasher-safe, plastic option with divided sections. This could double as a lunch container for a sandwich or salad on one side, and some pretzels or fruit on the other.

To round out our cooler packing, we throw some coozies and protein bars in an insulated pocket and head out the door!

These few purchases have meant that everyone has something they enjoy at the pool, and we've been efficient in heading out the door on the weekends. Win, win!

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