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Tuesday Morning Tidy: The Colors and Vibrance of Spring

Happy First Day of Spring! I'm spending time over our break potting and planing flowers, replenishing mulch and cleaning out the landscape beds around our house. I've been warned it's too early, and we are likely to get one more freeze, but I'm taking my chances!

As I prepare my "green thumb" for this undertaking, I've complied a list of items I'll need and want before I begin digging and pulling.

  • 2-3 bags of potting soil and 12 bags of mulch

  • Two new pots - I've been eyeing these from Home Depot

  • Flower ideas/checklist with a mix of annuals and perennial:

    • Begonias (annual)

    • Marigolds (annual)

    • Azaleas (perennial)

    • Diascia (perennial)

    • Petunias (annual)

    • Zinnia (annual)

    • Dianthus (perennial)

I'm looking forward to adding these beautiful colors and vibrance to our home!

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