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Monday Musings: 2024's Word of the Year

Updated: Jan 12

Happy New Year! As always, I've begun 2024 focused on a word I can incorporate into all aspects of my life. This next year I want to move outside of my comfort zone a little more, and pursue personal and professional growth that's ambitious, measured and healthy. Therefore, my word for 2024 is....bold.

Last year, I strived to be more connected. I am pleased with my progress as I've spent more quality time with each of my children individually. Also, my husband and I have carved out time for just the two of us. I've also spent hours talking on the phone with friends who live far away. In July, we adventured on a two week road trip across the country to visit our extended families and friends. It was wonderful!

This year I turn 43, and I've realized over the years that taking chances and finding your authentic self and purpose are part of life's journey. I am hoping that in 2024 I am bold with goals that I have put off or ignored due to self doubt, imposter syndrome or simply lack of time. If there's a will, there's a way, right?

As Emily Dickinson said, "Fortune befriends the bold.”

Here's to boldness and good fortune in 2024!

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