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Monday Musings: An Ideal Summer Day

We've got a few weeks until that milestone of summer's end--Labor Day--and I plan to have a few more ideal summer days before I start soaking up fall.

My ideal summer day is likely one that takes place on a weekend, when I'm not working. I get up around 8/8:30 and head into the kitchen to enjoy some freshly brewed coffee. After opening the blinds for some sunshine, I thumb through an HGTV Magazine (one all about summer decorating, of course), and the kids enjoy a leisurely breakfast. Magically, we have plenty of fresh fruit in the house!

It's cool enough on this particular morning for a nice 30-minute walk through the neighborhood, and I listen to a good audiobook or podcast while I get some exercise. When I return home, we all get swimsuits on and head to the pool early with our Dock and Bay towels all magically washed and folded for the day. The kids have friends at the pool, so they're happy to splash and swim for several hours. We meet up with friends as well, and enjoy some adult beverages and sparkling waters poolside.

When we head home, my husband is inspired to make delicious pork tacos on the Fusion Smoker, complete with avocado and red onion. Yum. And I don't have to cook! There's a game on the outdoor TV, and I have a good needlepoint project to work on while he barbeques.

My biggest reflection on this day is that it's actually pretty simple. And it doesn't involve me cooking much! What does your ideal summer day look like?

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