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Monday Musings: Healthy & Proactive Habits

I'm over 40 years old. At this point in my life, I'm taking proactive steps for my overall heath and wellbeing. I spent time in my 30s implementing better habits (working out, a skincare routine and healthier meal planning), but in recent years, I've been more intentional. Below are a few of my healthy habits that are helping me ease into aging.

  • Skincare and Sunscreen — Most of my adult life, I've invested in good quality skincare, but now I invest in good sunscreen, lotions, cleansing masks (charcoal is my favorite) and light therapy to address skin imperfections, inflammation and aging skin.

  • Water Consumption — I think about my water consumption daily. I'm not always good about drinking enough of it, but it's a priority at home and when we dine out.

  • Weight-Training — Staying active is important to me. I enjoy cardio workouts, but in the last several years, I frequently incorporate weight-training. With age, comes some loss of muscle mass. Lifting weights — moderate to heavy — has countless health benefits, such as improving balance, agility, and the prevention of injuries. It's also good for joints.

  • High Quality Shoes — They make a difference. Spurge and give your feet the support they need. When you have problems with your feet, it's hard to maintain an active lifestyle. I used to love a cute, cheap pair of shoes but not anymore!

Getting older doesn't bother me (most days). I believe this is because I'm making better choices so I can maintain optimal long-term physical, mental and emotional health.

What are you doing proactively to be healthy?

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