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Monday Musings: Romance Books, Movies and Series for Valentine's Day

To help us all get in the spirit of Valentine's Day next week, we are sharing some suggestions for books, movies and television series to celebrate love. These romantic stories are some of our recent favorites! (You can find our previous lists for movies here and books here.)

People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry - This is our most recent book review, and it would make for a great Valentine's Day read! Check it out here.

Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren - This is a fun romance read; our full review is here. In fact, all of their books would be great to read this month!

This is Not How It Ends by Rochelle B. Weinstein - Main character, Charlotte, is torn between two men and love stories. The alternating time periods, between past and present day, help to build a fascinating and emotional plot. The Florida Keys location doesn't disappoint either.

Poldark - You can find this PBS Masterpiece historical series on Prime Video. It's based on Winston Graham's book series. It features storylines highlighting family conflict, love, loss and hardship in the late 1700s, post Revolutionary War, in Cornwall, England. There are five seasons and I'm currently captivated by Season 2.

Bridgerton - We've listed this series once before on And She Writes, and we're mentioning it again because it's really good. It takes place during the British Regency time period and is based on Julie Quinn's books. It's steamy and swoon-worthy. I love the casting, costumes and music! If you haven't yet enjoyed this show, you shouldn't waste another minute. Experience all the hype before Season 2 premiers next month on Netflix!

Outlander - We've also mentioned this one before, but because it's so good it's definitely worth listing again. It's a captivating, historical, time travel series based on Diana Gabaldon's novels. The series begins in post-World War II United States and 18th Century Scotland. The series features drama and conflict surrounding war, love and loss. It's an authentic adaptation of Gabaldon's novels. Seasons 1-5 are based on her first five books. You can find Seasons 1-4 on Netflix and the entire series on Starz. Season 6 premiers next month!

Let us know your thoughts on any of the creative works we've listed today. We enjoy your feedback and sharing in the adoration for great love stories!

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