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Monday Musings: Summer Fun

We have really enjoyed the start of summer with friends and family. Because it's been so lovely, I wanted to share here on the blog in case anyone else needs a few suggestions to get their summer kickstarted:

1. This may sound counter to "summer fun," but try enjoying a rainy-day movie. We went to see the new Little Mermaid, and it was relaxing and cozy on a dreary day.

2. Happy Hour poolside. We have a neighborhood pool that we love, and Friday night happy hours are something we look forward to at the end of every week. We bring a few adult beverages down, and everybody enjoys some barbeque dinner with no dishes to clean up!

3. Patio gatherings are a great alternative to dinners out in the summer! We can gather with big or small groups and enjoy being outdoors during a cooler part of the day. We have a mounted TV on our patio which is nice, but the rolling TV stands make for a great portable option that can be wheeled around for a big game.

4. Food truck outings are on my radar too! We haven't been to one in a couple of years, but most towns offer a few options for weekend nights where food trucks gather, and the whole family can enjoy some live music and their dinner of choice!

5. Reading a book poolside/lakeside/beachside. Enough said! And if you need a book to read, check out our review from Friday.

I hope your weekend included some of these activities, and if not, put them on the list for June!

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