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Monday Musings: Winter is Nearly Over…Time to Get Things Done!

Spring is coming! I'm thrilled at the thought of longer days, sunshine and being outdoors more. We spring the clocks forward in less than two weeks, and then a week later we welcome the new season! Eeek!

Before spring is upon us, I've got a few things lingering on my winter to do list:

  • Submit summer camp sign-ups for my youngest. It appears that waiting to do this until after spring break willl guarantee a place on waiting lists. So, I'm finalizing dates in the coming weeks.

  • Hire a professional to complete exterior house repairs and painting. I've received bids, but my husband and I need to review them and hire one of the companies to begin in March/April.

  • Clean out our closet. This is a holdover from last spring and it needs to be addressed. I have clothes, shoes and purses that can be donated and random items that need to be organized.

  • Sketch out our summer travel. We have a lot of moving pieces, but I can create a draft of what it may look like. I am hopeful we will have a good sense of our summer calendar in late March/early April.

Here's to hoping I can get my act together and accomplish this ambitious winter to do list!

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