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Monday Musings: Transitioning to a New Season

Cooler temperatures moved into my region last week, thus, I experienced flashes of fall. This excites me as autumn is my one of my favorite seasons (next to summer). The crisp days, fall scents and flavors and the jump start to the holiday season are just a few reasons why I love it!

Last year, I shared my favorite quotes about the end of summer that I think capture the essence of this transitional season. It's bittersweet to say good-bye to the longer days and flexible family schedule, but change is good.

As I embark on a new academic year, I'm trying to soak up the simple pleasures, especially the ones I've missed the last two years. Below are a handful:

- Back-to-School night where I'll tour the school buildings, get to know my children's teachers, their classmates and we'll get introduced to clubs and organizations. Basically, it's a great way to get a glimpse into my kids' academic world.

- Fall sports, whether it's Friday Night Lights, weekend volleyball matches, soccer games or any early Saturday morning commitment that we parents quietly curse under our breath, but we end of loving, because our children are learning important life lessons -- teamwork, hustle, winning humbly and accepting defeat.

- Classroom holiday parties, especially when my kids are young, are another highlight in the fall. Now that parents can volunteer again, I am looking forward to being part of my youngest's classroom celebrations.

- Exercising outside is wonderful in the fall. It's been an unbearably hot summer. I feel a bit giddy imagining a long run or walk through our neighborhood. I might even do some outdoor yoga.

Transitions can be tough, but I'm focusing on the positives of the new season -- the inspiring aspects and even the more challenging ones.

Happy soon-to-be Fall Y'all!

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