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Monday Musings: Why We Invest in Our Homes

We've written quite a bit about our home improvements on the blog over the last two years. We clearly enjoy completing these and sharing them--not only with our friends and family--but with you, too. However, we've never tackled the reason why we undertake these updates in the first place.

In my mind, the reason for any home improvement, ours included, fall into about four categories: maintenance, functionality, enjoyment or pride. Ours span that gamut as well.

Maintenance: Obviously, your home is an investment of financial resources, and thus needs to be maintained. Even if you're a renter, your landlord may need to come in to do repairs to maintain the integrity of the home. We don't talk about these much on the blog, because writing about a roof replacement or a hot water heater would be pretty dull for all of us! However, we did share an unplanned bathroom remodel which turned out to have quite a silver lining in the end.


Functionality is high on our lists. Our home office updates obviously were a functional priority for remote work over the last two years. Right now, I'm undertaking a kitchen update to turn an unused kitchen desk into a beverage station; more to come on this soon! I'm very excited to take a completely unused area of our house and make it much more functional. We also shared about the highly functional option of a home gym, here.


We don't always talk about the small updates that provide enjoyment, but so often these are the most fun! I just purchased a pretty mirror for our dining room and a new piece of art for our family room, all of which bring me joy when I see them! Even more functional items, like an updated oven for an avid home chef or a new rug that absorbs sound (but also looks very pretty), can make our homes much more enjoyable!


The most obvious example of pride concerns the exterior of my home, but this may be a bit different for everyone. I feel a great sense of pride when our yard is maintained, and the front porch looks welcoming and tidy. For many, it may be the proud moment when your family is gathered around the decorated dining room for a holiday dinner or you're all watching a holiday movie snuggled on comfy couches.

Whether maintenance or enjoyment, functionality or pride, our home is where we spend so much time! I have rarely regretted investing in my house to amplify these feelings, especially when I can increase more than one of these factors.

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