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Tuesday Morning Tidy: The Benefits of a Home Gym

We recently joined the ranks of those in the Peloton bike community. It's a great addition to our workout regimen, and we feel confident that it will not become a laundry sorter or dust gatherer, as workout equipment notoriously can.

We have long been advocates for a home gym. We've both tried to join outside workout clubs, starting with a great spin class or personal training session, but it does not last. The amount of time we spend driving to and from the facility would allow for nearly an entire workout, and that is precious time we just don't have!

In our current house, we are fortunate to have a dedicated space in the lower level where we can store a rowing machine, weights, treadmill and now a bike. It's not as pretty, spacious or glamorous as joining a workout facility, but we find that we can squeeze a daily workout in during a lunch break or before work in the morning. And this convenience makes all the difference.

If you are considering starting a home gym, or growing yours, here are few tips:

  1. Go with what works for you. Do you love to take walks? Perhaps it's too cold in the winter months to keep this up; this might mean a treadmill is the perfect piece of equipment for you.

  2. Consider secondhand. The Peloton bike is the first piece of brand new workout equipment we've purchased. Our treadmill was given to us by a relative who was moving, and the workout bench and rowing machine were both secondhand. Workout equipment has a very long life, so don't hesitate to grab that piece on marketplace or from a friend.

  3. Variety is the spice of life! Doing the same exact workout every day will not be inspiring. If you're just starting to create a home gym and you have a single piece of equipment, considering supplementing with workouts on Youtube like Yoga with Adrienne. Mixing up cardio, weights and stretching can provide motivation.

As we move towards continued opening up of facilities and even the ability to attend workout classes without masks, the possibilities are endless for pursuing the kind of exercise that works for you. However, a home gym continues to be the most flexible and convenient way to stay healthy for our family!

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