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Self Care at Home

Fay here. I’m so glad to share our first ever Tuesday Morning Tidy.

Why Morning Tidy? Well, for years, I read blogs and books recommending that everyone spend 10 minutes cleaning the kitchen or living room before bed. I would commit to this goal with honest intentions, but within a short time, I'd be back to a mess by the end of the work week. Here's the thing--I sometimes fall asleep on the couch. I like to crochet or read in the evenings--not clean my kitchen. I'm tired at the end of a workday. My kids go to bed late sometimes, and then all I want to do is collapse! There are lots of reasons that this solution just did not work for me. Sound familiar?

Several months ago, I realized that I had a nice chunk of time in the mornings after exercising or showering but before it was time to pack everyone up for the day. I started doing the dishes and tidying the living room instead of scrolling through social media. In fact, I had more energy and I actually looked forward to it. Happily, I went off to work knowing that I'd return to a nice, clean home at the end of the day!

Why did it take me so long (literally years) to adapt this suggestion? I have no idea. But I realized that if it worked for me, it might work for someone else, and I'm always happy to support another busy family out there trying to keep the ship afloat.

In this segment, we will share concepts that have helped us manage our busy lives, in hopes that they will provide you with some new ideas. We will share everything from family-friendly recipes to organizing tools.

It is so important to have a small, select arsenal of tools and tricks that work for you in times of stress. Now we also know that we need to be able to access these tools from home in case of emergencies like COVID-19. Personally, with a busy family and professional life, I’ve found that having access to self-care at home is always handy, and almost essential. So, here are my go-tos:

Yoga with Adriene–This is the ultimate yoga YouTube channel with almost 600 million views. Whether you want to stretch or tone, there will be a video for you. And, you can participate in your pajamas.

Libby App–This our local library’s app to access free books for adults and kids. I place holds on books I’d like to check out, and I have a steady source of reading material in the palm of my hand.

Evening Walk–During COVID-19, our family has started the nightly routine of taking a walk. We get some fresh air, exercise and nice visits with friends in the neighborhood. I find it rejuvenating to spend this time together.

Jade Roller– The smooth jade feels cool and calming on skin, especially for allergy sufferers (take it from someone who knows). I apply a moisturizing cream or coconut oil, and then roll on my face and jawline. It just takes a minute or two, and it’s a great way to start a day of Zoom meetings.

Concept 2 Rower– These are tough to find right now, but we purchased one secondhand last year. It has been a great addition to our home gym, and a serious workout can be completed in about 20 minutes.

Artistic Hobby– Think cross-stitch, quilting, woodworking and watercolor. I personally enjoy crochet and needlepoint, and find significant therapeutic benefit in spending time each week using my hands to create something beautiful from thread or a skein of yarn. However, if you haven’t cultivated your artistic side in awhile, there are a number of intriguing art kits out there such as Wool and the Gang’s macrame wall kit or Camilyn Beth’s mini dress kit.

The Little Book of Mindfulness– This notecard-size book provides five and 10 minute exercises for “less stress, more peace.” By Dr. Patrizia Collard, it can be found on Amazon and also has lovely illustrations and fonts.

What do you do for self-care? We’d love to hear from you at or on Instagram @Andshewrites.2.

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