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Top Shelf: Don't Overthink It by Anne Bogel

Admittedly, I'm an overthinker. Motherhood feeds into my habit of overanalyzing and second-guessing. Anne Bogel's Don't Overthink It is a practical and helpful resource on how to identify and prevent your tendency to overthink situations and decisions.

Bogel illustrates what overthinking looks like, reasons why we overthink, how to decrease this behavior and ways we can prevent ourselves from getting into an unhealthy overthinking loop.

I suffer from decision fatigue on the regular. When making a decision, if I spend too long considering options, thinking them through, executing and then second-guessing, I find that I get into the habit of overthinking everything--from what to prepare for dinner to larger decisions like where to book our next family vacation.

Bogel breaks down what the cognitive tendencies and physical behaviors of overthinking look like so that you can identify when you've fallen into a cycle. Moreover, she helps to show how you can make certain aspects of life easier so that situations and decisions that do require more careful consideration don't seem as overwhelming. For example, she discusses how eating the same lunch everyday is a common habit among successful people. She also shares how a "work uniform" or capsule wardrobe decreases your mental load and removes some decision-making in your daily life. I'm seriously considering implementing these concepts into my life. (You can read about Fay's capsule wardrobe here and here.)

If you're overwhelmed by decision-making, big and small, and find that you analyze decisions you have made or have to make, I highly recommend Don't Overthink It. It's a quick read that offers you real solutions so that you can enjoy life more and think less.

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