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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Capsule Wardrobe Update for Spring/ Summer

This is a really exciting post to write, because it's one of the first that I'm now revisiting for the second time--meaning, we've been blogging for almost a year!

If you'd like a full introduction to the Capsule Wardrobe concept, check it out here. I also shared a fall update here.

Rather than revisit everything from my original post, here are a few key concepts that I keep in mind when the seasons change and I need to do a quick assessment of my wardrobe:

  • Get rid of anything that doesn't fit or hasn't been worn in a year.

  • Stop chasing sales.

  • Create a list of needs for the upcoming season, focusing primarily on staples.

  • Identify 1-2 trendier items that may not need to be super high-quality.


This year, I've already started getting rid of some things. One of the organizations I really admire was having a clothing drive for women and children, so I was motivated to look through things. I discarded two pairs of sneakers and a few tops that just weren't making my rotation that often. This year was certainly harder for purging, because I'm still not going into my office that frequently, and my work wardrobe has been largely unused for the last year.

Seasonal Shopping

However, I did make room for a few new things, which I identified in part through this discarding process.

  1. I'm in the market for a new pair of sneakers. I wear these throughout the summer, and can even wear them to work on casual Fridays. I'm debating Rothys or Olukai slip-ons. I'm definitely going for a neutral color, and since I often keep shoes for 5+ years, I want a quality brand. I love shoe shopping!

  2. For my eventual return to work, I would like to get one brand new outfit, so two new items. One of these will likely be a staple wardrobe piece (button-up shirt maybe), and one may be more trendy (a midi skirt perhaps).

  3. I'm still identifying a few additional items for spring and summer. As I continue to work from home for at least a few more months, I may focus on athleisure again, with a new swimsuit, running/walking shoes and workout tops.

Any suggestions? What staple do you grab over and over? Share with us on Instagram!

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