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Top Shelf: Lease on Love

Lease on Love by Fallon Ballard is a quick summer read with characters you'll enjoy. It's a bit Friends/You've Got Mail all wrapped up in one, so you can't really go wrong.

Main character, Sadie, works in finance but loses her cool and gets fired. Friends Harley, Gemma and Nick swoop right in and continue to have a major role throughout the story. Through a serious "meet cute," she ends up moving into a charming brownstone with a new, male roommate (Jack). She takes this opportunity to make a significant life change and pursue a dream.

Throughout, we find Sadie to be very outspoken but simultaneously lacking certain aspects of confidence. She's also a bit mysterious. Clues are dropped--Southern California, Columbia University, hard worker--but we don't know much more. Jack is an even bigger mystery.

It's a sweet and simple story, but with a whole lot of darkness brooding under the surface. Things eventually reveal themselves, and it takes the power of friendship and self-forgiveness to keep moving forward.

Lease on Love has all the charm we wish we had in our twenties. Enjoy!

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