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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Boredom Busters

I still can't believe we're in that last quarter of the school year; kids are reviewing what they've learned from the year and all of those culminating performances are on the calendar. And it's baseball season! What could be more summery than that?!

It all sounds so magical now, but we know how boredom creeps in just after those first few weeks of sunshine and summer. So, plan now for how you might fill those slower days:

  1. Start scoping out your library system's reading challenges. There are usually prizes for completion and drawings for cool gift cards or electronics!

  2. Chores! With kids home all summer, there will be more messes and more dishes. Surely, laundry and loading/unloading the dishwasher can be their domain, right? Maybe a chore chart is in order!

  3. Do you have fitness goals for yourself and kids? Maybe a weekly bike ride or daily activity goal is a good idea to start discussing so everyone stays moving this summer. Weekends at the pool are always a fun option too.

  4. Art projects, both short and long term. You may want to find some of those intricate coloring books to enjoy while watching a movie in the A/C, but it might also be the perfect time for your kids to learn something new, like crochet or watercolor. Start checking out classes or camps now, and they can spend the summer improving their skills. And there's absolutely no reason you shouldn't do the same!

  5. Museum visits are perfect in the summer! Depending on your work schedule and vacation days, you may be able to take advantage of quieter weekday visits. Maybe special exhibits are coming through, and you need to get dates on your calendar now.

  6. Fishing or other outdoor pursuits. Make sure you get your license, but fishing is otherwise a relatively inexpensive, relaxing hobby. We can do this at our local municipal parks, or venture out to nature preserves for a day trip.

Start planning now, so you don't find yourself wondering what to do with all that time when the boredom begins! Make a list, do a little research, and you'll be ready to roll with plans for some summer fun!

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