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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Free Spring Activities

Right now, Gretchen Rubin's phrase "Choose the Bigger Life" is really resonating with me. And in trying to apply that to my life, I can see how that can be an expensive idea sometimes--vacations, meals out, a new pet, etc. These things all cost money! So, in trying to be thoughtful about how we "Choose the Bigger Life," I'm looking at community activities that can help us accomplish this goal on a budget!

Here are a few free or low cost ideas to explore:

  • Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunts

  • Outdoor Concerts

  • Movies in the Park

  • Explore Pickleball

  • Community Lectures

  • Art/Craft Fairs

  • Minor League Baseball Games

  • Bookstore Author Visits

  • Earth Day Festivals

  • Food Truck Parks

  • Kayak Rentals

  • Camping

  • Community Theatre

  • Hiking Trails/Walking or Bike Paths

How else are you exploring your community? We'd love to hear from you on Instagram or Facebook!

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