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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Grocery Hacks

Let me start by saying that I am an imperfect grocery shopper, at best. Even with a list, I usually forget one or two things. I have yet to find one store that provides all the various items that everyone in the family would like to have each and every week. That being said, I have identified some ways to make our weekly grocery shopping even easier.

Instacart: Instacart provides a multitude of stores, and thus, a multitude of grocery options. For an annual fee, you do not have to pay shipping fees. Each week, I use Instacart at least once, and I spend the time saved cleaning my house, working out or spending some quality time with the kids. Money well spent! Usually my groceries arrive well-selected, error free and within about two hours.

Target Pick up: The Targets in our area now offer grocery pickup. There's no fee associated with this service, and you can even have them brought to your car. Target often has lower prices on lunchbox favorites than our local grocery stores, and I can pick these up at a location between my office and home! If I need a kid's birthday party gift or some new socks, I can get those in the same order for one-stop-shopping.

"The Activity Stop:" This is a convenience pit-stop I make while my kids are participating in a practice or activity. I identify a store near my activity stop, and it comes in very handy when we need a midweek refresh of snacks or I'm not feeling the dinner I've planned. Do you have a store near your kiddo's practice field or dance studio? This might be your best "activity stop."

Let us know your grocery hacks! Share with us on Instagram.

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