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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Jewelry Minimalism and Storage

In concert with the series of posts we've shared about a Capsule Wardrobe, today is all about my recent paring down of jewelry to the pieces that I wear or have sentimental value.

A few years ago, statement jewelry was everywhere. I loved the opportunity to dress up any basic black tee or dress with a blingy necklace. However, I'm a rather short person, and I'm not sure it was my best look. Regardless, it was fun and I loved picking up (and occasionally making) some fun necklaces!

I think this trend is still around a bit, but there has definitely been a return to simple necklaces and tiny stackable rings. This suits me more, and I've found myself wearing a few pieces over and over again. As a result of COVID, I've had very little reason to dress up much in the past 18 months, but I've still enjoyed wearing just a few favorites!

My go-to pieces are pretty limited.


  1. Wedding set

  2. Stackable birthstones

I have found myself switching back and forth between these first two options depending on my activities for the day. I can even go weeks on end wearing the silicone rings, especially with frequent trips to the pool over the summer. I occasionally wear small stackable birthstone rings on my right hand when I'm feeling a little fancy!


  1. Tiffany & Co. Flower

  2. Elsa Peretti Bean

  3. Chidren's silver charm necklace

With a few exceptions (I do have a variety of others I wear on occasion), these are the three necklaces I wear. The first is a small two-tone flower from Tiffany & Co. that I received as a gift about 20 years ago, and it is my favorite. The second, the Bean, is fun and slightly dressier. The final necklace was actually my husband's grandmother's. She wore her great-grandchildren's names and birthdates on a necklace, and when she passed, they became treasured charms in my collection.


  1. Pearl

  2. Diamond

  3. Statement Studs

On most days, you'll find me wearing small pearl studs. I feel put together and classy in these (even on Zoom), and they were a gift from my husband years ago. On my 30th birthday, he gifted me a pair of small diamond studs that I will wear as an alternative to the pearls. That's usually about it. However, if I'm dressing up or feeling festive, I may switch these for a pair of statement studs (like Kate Spade sparklies).

I do have my fair share of leather and beaded bracelets, most of which are a little boho and worn in sets. These are primarily weekend wear, and nothing extravagant. I also wear a Fitbit daily.


I now have to sing my praises on my new jewelry storage!

All of the aforementioned items, plus a good number of sentimental pieces are now stored in a set of Stackers available from The Container Store. I first saw these featured on The Home Edit, and the concept stuck with me for about a year until I caved. I recently purchased the lidded supersize (shown above), and the 41 piece storage, and these alone hold almost everything I own. As I mentioned, I have some chunky bracelets, and I will likely need to add a third deep stackable for those, but the modular nature of this system allows for adding on as needed.

The Stackers come in a variety of colors and configurations. I purchased the white, but would actually go back and get the Taupe if I had to do it all over again (more subtle).

I've now pared down and organized everything from an entire dresser drawer into these stackable units, and can admire and select from all of my sentimental items and favorite accessories!

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase we will earn a commission. Keep in mind that we link these companies and products because of their quality and not because of the commission we may receive.

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