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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Kitchen Completion!

Alas, sometimes a Tuesday Morning Tidy post actually goes up on a Tuesday afternoon. Such is life! However, with such progress made on our kitchen, I will forgive myself!

If you've been reading AndSheWrites for the last few months, you know that we remade our kitchen desk into a bar with plans to update the rest of the kitchen with similar finishings. That project was detailed here.

The bar project was quite an undertaking, involving significant drywall, hiring an electrician and that full wall of backsplash (having never done backsplash before)! However, it made the rest of the kitchen feel like a breeze!

We had the countertop process down from our previous update; I highly recommend Waterlox and butcher block if you haven't considered it. It is very easy to work with and looks great! We had to wait several months to start remaining countertops, however, as the 10 foot span of butcher block was out of stock. I was so nervous that they would discontinue it that I checked the Home Depot website for months!

The tile around the perimeter of the kitchen seemed so manageable after this full wall, especially with some experience in the process. It came together quickly and is a significant upgrade from just a paint backsplash.

The shining star of the kitchen, though, is the sink. It is a stainless steel apron sink and it is SO BIG! Until now, I could not even wash a sheet pan in the kitchen sink without making a mess. It was a shallow, divided sink that did not fit much more than a dinner plate. This new sink feels life changing, and makes keeping the kitchen clean a breeze!

We have a little touchup paint to finish, and an outlet to change out (that dark outlet against the island--yikes!), but we're enjoying every moment of our upgraded kitchen! It took just a weekend and a few evenings, but the functionality improvements and having one cohesive look throughout makes it one of my favorite spots in our home!

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