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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Office Updates

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Well, the working and learning from home continues. The good news is, I am now working from home in the office! When I shared the initial office post, we had a desk and a lamp, but no chair to sit in and very little storage. Here's a shot of Phase 1:

In this initial post, I mentioned a few elements that we planned to work on over the late summer, so I'm back sharing what I'll call a Phase 2 update.

Desk Chair

I'm so happy to report that I found a chair that is both tall, narrow and integrates into the decor. The wood base of the chair perfectly matches the desk, so that is an added bonus. I was on a wait list for several weeks for this particular pattern to come in, so there must have been a run on office chairs during the early phase of the pandemic. I also recommend shopping around, because the price on this model can fluctuate by as much as $100!

Wall Art

In Phase 1, the striking Lantern Press prints are just kind of leaning sadly against the wall, and I'm so happy to now have them as a centerpiece of the room. I was not happy with the shiny frames they were in, so I found some modern matte black frames that keep your focus on the images. These prints bring back wonderful memories of great trips, and remind me why I'm working so hard each day!

I also hung my favorite frame from Pottery Barn in the space between the two windows. I change out the quote seasonally, but for this season I love "Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall" from F. Scott Fitzgerald. I found this print years ago, so I'm sorry I cannot offer credit to the designer.


The existing lamp is nice and needed (due to no overhead lighting), but it does not go with this space. I've got a spindle floor lamp on order from Kirland's, so we'll see how it works.

Reading Nook

I actually set this all up in the corner (one you can't see from this vantage point), but we needed the space for virtual learning. Someday, when the kids are back at school, we will have a cozy spot for reading. We have a vintage mid-century chair going in this spot, and I am considering this ottoman to go with it.


I was shopping every site I could think of, and did not see a credenza I loved. I wanted something white to accentuate all of the molding in the room, and so many of the options were too shabby chic. It's a very traditional space, and I didn't see anything in our budget! One night (you know how you have those aha moments?!), I realized I could just turn the Kallax on it's side, and use it as a credenza. For now, until we find a piece we love, this works!


Since this blog segment is all about form and function, I will provide a brief update on that as well. The Burke Decor desk we purchased secondhand is amazing! There is so much storage. We've used it with both a laptop and a desktop, and you can fit two large monitors with room to spare. The repurposed Kallax actually continues to hold (and hide) some of the kids' favorite toys, and we have room for office supply storage as well. The layout of the room has been great for professional Zoom calls, as the natural light coming in from the two windows is ideal.

At some point, I will be back with an update on our reading nook and the lighting, but I'm feeling pretty content spending my days in this space.

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