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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Organizing Tools 101

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

For this week’s Tuesday Morning Tidy, I am sharing my favorite tools when it comes to organizing. A few times a week, I go from room to room and tidy--putting things in their designated place. Only then, and usually just once per week, do I actually clean (with sprays and wipes, etc.). It is one of the most relaxing feelings to have a home that is both tidy and clean...and very rare when you have children and/or pets!

Every few months, I tackle closets and undersink areas to cull and organize. However, a few tools and accessories have certainly made both the weekly and seasonal tidying processes a bit easier. All of the items below have been tested in our home over multiple years and proven their usefulness.

  • Lazy Susan - I keep one of these in a kitchen cabinet with nightly vitamins. It has made a nearly unreachable shelf incredibly useful!

  • Marker carousel - When the kids want to color or draw, they grab the carousel and have all the tools needed. I make sure that this carousel is well-stocked with fresh markers and sharpened colored pencils. It’s also really colorful and inspiring in our new office! I purchased ours years ago from Home Goods, but here is a similar one.

  • Decorative Crate - In a previous post, I explained the usefulness of the crate when school papers come home. It is the perfect drop zone until I have time to sort.

  • Mail Basket - Right near our front door, we have a basket that holds mail until we can sort. It’s pretty, and large enough (17” x 12” x 6”) for big envelopes or ads.

  • Battery Containers - A few years ago, we retrieved the batteries for seasonally changing out smoke detectors and discovered that they were very warm. A quick web search revealed that the way we were storing them was a fire hazard. I ordered these plastic battery storage containers, and we have not had a problem since.
  • Pantry Bins- When we moved into our current home, I was so excited by the wealth of pantry space compared to our previous house. However, I quickly realized that all of that space meant a lot of chaos. I purchased several of these baskets and labeled them with little chalkboards. We have baskets for canned goods, oils, pasta, sweets, snacks and grains. I use one larger basket each for bagged school snacks and baking supplies.
  • Photo Boxes - I use two pretty photo boxes to store medicine in a linen cabinet. One holds oral medications and the other holds topical. I store everything upright and write the name on the top of each bottle or box for easy identification. Every six months, I go through and dispose of expired medicines and replace supplies. We store them on a high shelf out of the reach of young children. Michael's craft store always has lots of options!

  • Baskets - I have used baskets and bins of all shapes and sizes to tote miscellaneous items from room to room and floor to floor. I am convinced that you cannot live in a multi-story home with children without constantly bringing numerous items up and down. So, I find it immensely helpful to have a few empty, pretty baskets sitting around to carry these random items from where they’ve been left to where they need to go.

These tools have all proven their value in our home. Most are under $20, and can be found in a style that matches any decor. With the additional need for organized space in which to work and study from home this fall, one of these tools might just come in handy.

What organizing tool can you not live without? Please share with our community on instagram or facebook--we are always looking for that magic solution!

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase we will earn a commission. Keep in mind that we link these companies and products because of their quality and not because of the commission we may receive.

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