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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Summer Cleaning, Organizing & Decorating

I've tried to spend time cleaning out the clutter and tackling long-standing projects the last two months. If I had to give myself a midterm grade, it would be a C. However, I can redeem myself if I can complete this short, but ambitious, list by the end of August:

  • Collect all old home decor items and furniture in our basement and garage and donate to Goodwill. I have tubs of artwork, frames, pillows, etc. that I have held onto for years. Purge is the word!

  • Buy new computer (s). We have an older MacBook Air and Mac desktop and they struggle to keep up. I am on borrowed time. We also need to invest in an iPad or MacBook for our oldest. She currently uses an older Chromebook, but a newer and more reliable device is needed for her final two years of high school and into college.

  • New window treatments in various rooms in the house. The Roman shades in our primary bath are in bad shape. I have new custom shades on order, but I also need to purchase new curtains for our bedroom and for our living room. If I'm pleased with the shades on order, I think I'll order the others from them as well. Fingers crossed!

  • Plan the Fall 2023 Family Schedule. It's all swirling in my head, and I need to get it typed/written out to determine if/when I need help with school pick-up. We only have two schools between our three kids this year, which is a welcome change after three schools the last two years!

What's on your summer to-do list?

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