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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Supporting Women & Girls through Charitable Giving

One of my favorite ways to support the education, empowerment and equality of women and girls is through charitable giving. In theme with this week's posts focusing on Women's History Month, I've compiled a list of organizations and nonprofits, many that I personally support, that focus on women and girls in my local community, throughout the United States and internationally.

You may recognize a few of these from my #GivingTuesday post in November, but the majority of these are new to the And She Writes blog. Many of the organizations' descriptions are from the their websites (links provided).

Dress for Success - this is a global nonprofit that empowers and supports women with professional attire and career and personal development to be successful.

Equality Now - a national organizations that focuses on justice for women and girls through achieving legal equality and to end harmful practices such sexual violence and sex trafficking.

Girls on the Run - a nonprofit that focuses on creating an environment where girls find their potential to be whatever they want to be through character development, positive affirmation and celebrating the end of the year by running/walking a 5K.

Girl Scouts - many of us are aware of this organization but it's worth mentioning the significant impact it makes through teaching and cultivating leadership, character, service, education and so much more. You can support a local girl scout and troop right now by buying a few boxes of delicious cookies!

The Loveland Foundation - an organization that supports communities of color, with a focus on Black women and girls, with resources and initiatives that focuses on opportunity, access, validation and healing.

The Malala Fund - the organization works for progress so that girls around the world can have access to 12 years of free, safe, quality education.

National Organization for Women - a grassroots organization that is dedicated to equal rights of all women and girls socially, politically and economically.

WriteGirl - an organization that focuses on creative writing and mentoring that empowers teen girls by promoting creativity, critical thinking and leadership skills.

Women for Women International - an international organization that helps women who are survivors of war and conflict rebuild their families and communities.

YWCA - one of the oldest and largest women's organizations in the U.S., its mission is to help families and strengthen communities by working to eliminate racism, empower women and focus on social justice.

I hope you will celebrate Women's History Month with a charitable donation to one or more organizations that are making a positive impact for women and girls.

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