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Tuesday Morning Tidy: What's in my Pool Bag?

If you have kids and frequent a neighborhood, community or friend's pool, you know there's an advantage to being prepared! There are snacks to be packed and toys to be retrieved, and if you don't have these--there will also likely be whining to be heard!

Really, it's just easier if you've got what everyone needs. And by all means, if your kids are old enough to carry their own supplies, then go for it!

Pool Snacks

  • Licorice - This is a candy that doesn't melt, and is shareable with others.

  • Uncrustables - If you throw them in your bag when they're frozen, they may thaw out right around the time everyone is getting hungry. You can also make your own, and freeze a batch of them!

  • Doritos or Cheetos - Let's be honest, these are not the healthiest options. However, treats are allowed every so often, and the pool is a better place than the couch for cheesy hands!

  • Popcorn - We bring pre-packaged or pop a bag before we leave and put it in a freezer bag.

  • Nuts/trailmix - We bring mixes sans chocolate to avoid a melted mess.

  • Fruit - Cold, sliced fruit or grapes are always delicious poolside.

  • Pasta salad - My favorite is with rotini, cheese cubes, broccoli slaw and some red onion, but you can throw any veggies in!


  • Diving Toys - We discovered these cute diving toys while on vacation!

  • Balls - Splash balls or a football are great.

  • Coins - They are a challenge to find and retrieve at the bottom of the pool, and if you play "finders keepers" it keeps it fun and competitive.


  • Cooler - for all of those aforementioned pool snacks and cold drinks. A 28 or 30- can option is about the right size for a couple or family, and allows some room for beverages, snacks and ice. So, in actuality, two bags are needed for poolside success!

  • SwigLife can coolers- for your tall skinny seltzers or your short 12 oz. lagers

  • Microfiber or Turkish towels - These dry quickly and pack up small.

  • Goggles of all kinds - Swimming goggles and masks are great for a variety of different uses.

  • Sunscreen - Check out our full post on favorites.

  • Extra paper plates, napkins and silverware in a Ziploc bag; it's just good to be prepared!

  • Extra sunglasses - Even freebies or those ones from the dollar bin at Target can come in handy in a pinch if they've been left at home, but these Goodr ones are a current favorite!

  • A baseball or brimmed hat for all!

The Bag

What are the requirements? Well, if you've surmised from the lists above, it needs to be large! It should be a fun print, because...why not? And finally, something both waterproof and fairly indestructible. Here are a few options, all currently under $50.

  1. Mesh Tote Handbag

  2. Utility Tote

  3. Scout Tote

  4. Bogg Bag (this one isn't under $50 but is a newer brand and a great waterproof pool bag if you want to splurge)

That pretty much sums up the contents of my pool bag! What are we missing? What are your must-have pool snacks? Share with us on Instagram!

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase we will earn a commission. Keep in mind that we link these companies and products because of their quality and not because of the commission we may receive.

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