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What I'm Loving: Back-to-School Favorite Brands and Products

Today, we're sharing a few of our top picks on a few key items - backpacks, lunch bags, water bottles and labels! Since our school does community supplies, these are the exciting items for our family when shopping for back-to-school. We've tried a number of brands that have proven to offer quality and variety, so we're sharing them with you!

Backpacks / Lunch Bags

  • Lands End - We have had a great success with the Lands End ClassMate Backpack and Insulated Soft Sided Lunch Bags. They come in coordinated prints for boys and girls, and the website offers frequent sales. Additionally, you can now buy on Amazon!

  • L.L. Bean - The Original Book Pack comes in prints and solids, with coordinated insulated lunch bags as well. These have held up for years of heavy use!

  • Pottery Barn - Pottery Barn Kid and Pottery Barn Teen both offer a wide variety of sizes and patterns for everyone from littles heading off to preschool to young adult. The teen line brings in designers as well, offering new patterns and styles.

Water Bottles - The hunt for a good water bottle that is DISHWASHER SAFE (key) is no easy task. Fortunately, we are here to make this much easier!

  • Camelbak - These are great for sliding into a side pocket of a backpack and keeping things lightweight. The tall, thin size of the Eddy 20 oz. version really lends itself to that! However, we've been known to crack one on the concrete, and the tops may leak after a year or two of use, so do know that they won't last forever.

  • Contigo Stainless Steel - At the end of last school year, when the aforementioned Camelbak cracked on the sidewalk, we needed a quick replacement. This one, though small, is a great option for a younger kid. It keeps things cold and is a non-plastic option.

  • Thermoflask - We discovered these at Costco, and they are the current favorite! They come in a variety of colors and sizes, so now everyone in our family has one. They keep things very cold and the kids love to add their waterproof stickers to personalize them. If you run across them in Costco, don't hesitate!

  • Yeti/Swig - These are proven brands for other products in our households, but the pricetag can be high for kids water bottles...that have been known to get left behind on the soccer field after practice. So, we recommend them, but understand the price tag may make them a better option as kids grow in responsibility.


I have just one recommendation here, and that is Inchbug. I've tried other brands, only to find labels separated from their items in the dishwasher. Not with my Inchbug labels, though, which I've been using since my children were infants. These mini rectangle labels are my current favorite, and have saved my Yeti coffee mug from the lost and found at least once!

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