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What I’m Loving: Book of the Month Subscription

For Christmas, my husband gifted me a Book of the Month subscription. I’m really loving it! It's worth the money and it's a great way to support authors.

Using the BOTM app, I browse the list of book options for that particular month. Once I find the one (or more) I want, within a week I receive the hardback book(s) (along with a clever paper bookmark) in the mail. While ordering, I’m given the option to add a previous BOTM to my order for an additional $10.99. I've taken advantage of this deal a couple of times. It's fun to receive more than one book in the blue box!

A couple of months during my subscription, I haven't been drawn to any of the BOTM options, so I've saved the credit to use in the future. The system is based on credits.

You can also use the app to track your book ratings, your TBR list, reading challenges and other fun activities related to reading.

I highly recommend BOTM for yourself or for a book lover in your life!

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