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What I'm Loving: Glossier's Boy Brow

Hi, it's Samantha. I love a good “Favorite Things” party! If you’re not familiar with this concept, it’s an adaptation of Oprah’s “Favorite Things” episodes she hosted every year on Oprah.

Since the show’s finale in 2011, Oprah continues to release an annual Favorite Things list. It features great products that many people love and want to share with their family and friends. The items are often great gift ideas, too. The “What I’m Loving” section of And She Writes will feature products that we’re enjoying and want to share with you!

Back to “Favorite Things”... at these parties, invitees bring a favorite thing. In my experience, everyone brings a couple of the same item within a set price per gift determined ahead of time. During the party, each person shares what they brought and why it’s their favorite thing. These “presentations” always get a lot of “ooohs” and “awwws."

At the last Favorite Things party I attended, I shared and brought Glossier’s Boy Brow ! Boy Brow is an eyebrow pomade that’s applied with a small spoolie--similar to a mascara applicator-- for the appearance of thicker and smoother brows. Consumers have a choice among black, brown, blond and clear shades. I wear black because it fills in my brows and covers up a few of my (ahem) gray brow hairs. I find this product effective and impressive because it gives my make-up a boost with an appearance of fuller eyebrows that are defined and clean, especially if I’ve gotten foundation or powder on them. It retails for $16, which is a great price point!

Although Glossier targets girls and women younger than me, the products are good quality and Glossier's story is interesting and inspiring. The CEO, Emily Weiss, started her journey with her blog Into the Gloss, which eventually turned into Glossier in 2014 when Weiss was in her late 20's.

I hope you’ll give Boy Brow a try--it’s a great final touch to your daily make-up routine! Let me know what you think at You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook.

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