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What I'm Loving: PINK & Victoria's Secret Loungewear

I love loungewear! The last couple years I've enjoyed PINK and Victoria's Secret joggers, t-shirts and leggings. They offer maximum comfort and are priced well. I've been sporting loungewear several more hours each day since I began WFH full-time, and I quickly realized what’s worth the money and what’s not.

I've made a short list of my favorite PINK and Victoria's Secret pieces -- they are perfect for the fall and winter seasons. There are sales and promotions running currently so you may want to order a few items soon!

PINK's Ultimate Knit Jogger -- I love this jogger! It’s soft, fits true-to-size and washes well. I have it in slate blue and it’s a really pretty color. I'm so pleased with it that I’d like to get a few more pairs -- they are on my Christmas list this year!

Victoria's Secret’s Incredible Essential Leggings -- Comfort! Comfort! Comfort! These are on sale right now and they are worth every dime! I don’t like to sleep in leggings, but since they are so comfortable and supportive, I sometimes wear them to bed! They’re available in different lengths and a plethora of colors.

PINK Perfect V-Neck Tee - This t-shirt is comfortable, versatile and inexpensive. Several color options, too.

Pink Everyday Tee - Another comfortable t-shirt, but this one is scoop neck. You can wear it as loungewear, pajamas or casual attire for any day.

All of these items are the perfect wardrobe for chilly evenings when you just want to relax on the couch, cover yourself in a blanket and read a book or watch your favorite series on Netflix!

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