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What I'm Loving: Stuff You Should Know Podcast

Fellow listeners of Stuff You Should Know need not keep reading. You already know about the greatness of Josh and Chuck, and all that they research and share! If you don't, then hop on your device and start listening! Stuff You Should Know is an informative, entertaining and relevant podcast with nearly 70,000 reviews on Apple Podcasts and a rating of 4.5.

It's well-deserved. Hosts Josh Clark and Chuck W. "Chuck" Bryant have a wonderful banter as they cover everything from marine animals to history to women's health. In about 40 minutes, they share some researched information about the given topic along with humorous detours and various theories. Each week, they also have a 15 minute feature called Short Stuff where they do a very brief research summary on a more limited topic.

I find that the episodes that seem least appealing end up being my favorites. Take "Everything We Know About Squids" or "How Champagne Works"--neither had special appeal for me, but they are both very memorable episodes! There are nearly 2,000 topics to choose from, and after nearly 15 years, it continues to appear in the top lists of podcasts. This Atlanta-based duo regularly provides entertainment for my walks, plane travel and long drives.

Enjoy all of the fascinating episodes in your future, including "Artificial Banana Flavor," "Behold, National Parks!" and "Silly String: Disaster in a Can."

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