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What I'm Loving: thredUP

I try to keep a pretty small wardrobe for all kinds of reasons--space, environmental responsibility and out of need. However, I do really enjoy clothing! One of my favorite ways to shop for new pieces is on the resale market.

One of the best experiences out there in online resale is thredUP. thredUP is an online clothing thrift store for both women and children. It's unique from other resale sites in that you are always purchasing from thredUP, and the individual sellers are paid by thredUP. Thus, the photos and language from item to item are consistent. The only drawback is that it's possible the individual evaluating the item could mislabel or miss something related to quality. My number one reason for always returning to thredUP, though, is that the site is really user friendly, and offers the ability to save searches and favorite items under your personal account.

I've made several purchases from thredUP over the years, and even scored some brand new items! Occasionally (as with anything), I've hit a "miss," and I've learned a few lessons as a result:

  1. Stick with brands you know, where you have a strong sense of your size and fit.

  2. Shop often--things come and go quickly, especially the really great items!

  3. Don't focus on anything too specific, like color.

There are other good sites out there--Poshmark, eBay, the RealReal--but this is my favorite! Happy Shopping!

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