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Monday Musings: Back to School Checklist

Can it be? Is it that time of year already? Back to school we go!

Hopefully this year will be a return to some sense of normalcy, or a new normal, for our children. They will return to friends, schools and activities on a normal schedule, even if they still have to wear a mask. But, return they will! And it feels sooooo good to be stocking up on Ticonderoga pencils and composition notebooks!

So, with that exciting school year just beyond the brink, here is a checklist for back to school of all ages. These early August efforts will help make that transition into fall so much smoother, and weekends free for soccer games, apple picking and much-needed rest.


I know mine have gone months without a haircut, and a summer full of chlorine is starting to show its effects.

Doctors/Dentist Appointments

This might include pre-sports physicals, eye exams, a six-month teeth cleaning, or changing out those rubber bands on braces.

Clothes Try-On

What fits? Don't wait until the last minute to find out that school clothes just don't fit! We go drawer by drawer, hanger by hanger to try on anything that looks questionable. Then we hand down or donate what doesn't fit, while identifying exactly what we need to make sure that we don't have to wash wardrobes mid-week! Don't forget about fall sports or dance gear, too.

School Shopping

Order school supplies from It will simplify your life! I loved the days of picking out school supplies as a kid, but our schools do community supplies anyway. However, we have a lot of fun when someone needs a new backpack or sneakers!

Bedtime Routines

We started moving bedtimes earlier about two weeks ago. We had a morning camp, so it was perfectly logical to require early bedtimes. We also upped our reading game, meal planning and evening routines to start getting in the habit.

Check back in later this week (or subscribe here) for reviews of our favorite backpacks, water bottles and other school gear for return to school.

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