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Monday Musings: Spring Activities with the Family

Whether you're off on spring break this week, or you're just looking to maximize those beautiful spring days, we've got some ideas to share! We are definitely looking forward to soaking up the sunshine and making the most of the brighter evenings.

  • Planting. Depending your zone and what you want to plant, you may be able to begin some gardening.

  • Picnic! Pack some sandwiches or crudite and head to a local park. Better yet, find one with a playground so the kids can burn off extra energy.

  • Zoo. Do you have a local zoo or animal park? Now that it's warmer, head out for a day with the animals. They are more active when it's not so hot.

  • Family Bike Ride. My bike needs a tune-up, but once I get it back up to snuff, we will be heading out as a family.

  • Golf. Whether it's putt putt, the driving range, or a full 18 holes, the weather is advantageous for golf with the family!

  • Hike. Check out your local trails for something the entire family, young and old, can manage. When my youngest was still small, I even had them in a backpack carrier!

  • Museums. It may just be too cold for outdoor fun, so check out museums that are open! History, science or art can be enriching during the school break.

  • Cooking. A family pizza night is always fun, and you can throw it all on the grill for a spring twist!

  • Water Fun. April 1 seems to be the opening day for boat rides, canoe rentals and other water fun in the Midwest.

Happy Spring! Enjoy that Vitamin D and fresh air.

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