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Monday Musings: Word of the Year Progress

Earlier this year, I shared that my word for 2024 is BOLD. As I promised, I want to move outside of my comfort zone and achieve personal and professional growth. I've accomplished this in a few areas of my life, and plan to continue to do more in the second half of the year.

List of Achievements in 2024 (so far):

  • Managing a powder room redesign — this will take place toward the end of summer but my planning and researching are underway

  • Planning a 20th wedding anniversary trip for later this month

  • Organizing a family beach vacation to a state I've never been to before — we are driving across the country

  • Facilitating roundtable discussions at a large regional conference

  • Serving as a Board of Trustee for one of the largest nonprofits in my community

I am excited about all of these achievements that have begun or will take place soon. I plan to make a few more bold moves this year. I'll keep you posted! Be Bold, my friends!

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