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Tuesday Morning Tidy: 2023 Organizational Goals Check-In

This year my blog entries will help keep me accountable to my organizational goals for 2023. I plan to check-in a few times before the end of the year. Since we're closing in on the first quarter, I'm pleased to report I've made progress.

Successes: My youngest and I organized the art supplies cabinets in our home office. On one January snow day, we sat on the floor and sorted through every bottle of paint, piece of construction paper, colored pencil, etc. It took several hours, but we purged two trash bags full of stuff. Now everything fits nicely in the cabinets and we can easily look through the shelves and drawers to find whatever we need. We also addressed the art desk and it's substantially less cluttered!

I've gone through about a fourth of my closet and purged clothes I no longer wear. However, I haven't bought any baskets or storage items to organize my accessories. I really need to make more progress in the coming months as I hope this can be complete by the summer.

Pending: In addition to my closet, I also need to organize our basement. I haven't tackled this one at all. I plan go through the storage area where we have home decor, furniture and other household items we no longer need. I have several nice items I can donate. Overall, I've been decently productive. I have a feeling I'll make more headway this spring! Have you done any organizing this year?

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