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Tuesday Morning Tidy: 24 for 24

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you may know that I follow a lot of author Gretchen Rubin's happiness habits. One of my favorites is this annual exercise--this year, 24 goals for the year 2024. Gretchen and her sister Liz share their goals on their podcast, Happier, each year! Check it out in episode 463 if you want more information or some great examples of goals.

As I mentioned when I shared my goals last year, it usually takes me well into Q1 to finish my list, and I've only come up with 13 so far. But part of the joy of this exercise is that it's really low pressure! I'll finish the list once I identify the exact things that would be most meaningful to me, and I don't worry too much about the deadline.

Key to the process is being specific, otherwise it's hard to know when the goal has been successful. You'll see what I mean below:

24 for 2024:

  • Buy less plastic (organizers, egg cartons, etc.)

  • Play the piano once/month

  • Update our will

  • Have a "no buy" month

  • Take B&W portraits of kids

Some of these goals help form habits (like not buying plastic), and some help accomplish an unpleasant task (like updating our will). Having them on this list helps remind me of their importance and keeps them top of mind. I review them in my bullet journal at least once a month, if not more.

I look forward to updating you later this year on my progress as I continue to develop and work toward my 24! What are your goals for 2024?

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