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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Do Something Extra

Later this week, we all have an extra day! We only get so many of these Leap Days in our lifetime, and we should make the very most of it! So, with this extra day, I thought I'd offer up some ideas as to how you might spend it.

  1. Do something extra for those you love. Meet your husband for lunch or bring your sibling cookies (homemade, or just a box of Thin Mints)!

  2. Do something extra for those in need. Take some time to make a donation online or volunteer at your child's school.

  3. Do something extra for your community. Shop local, educate yourself on regional issues, or clean up some litter on your lunchtime walk.

  4. Finally, do something for yourself! Get a facial, pick up coffee on your morning commute or spend some time reading a good book. This extra day means you can indulge!

Enjoy these extra 24 hours in 2024!

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