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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Fall Capsule Wardrobe 2022

Each Fall, I share a couple of items I am adding to my Capsule Wardrobe. This fall, with more work events happening and my need to update a couple of professional items from before COVID, I have a few new favorites!

A Capsule Wardrobe is a great way to simplify and streamline. Essentially, you create a list of wardrobe essentials that are crucial to your lifestyle. By identifying your color scheme (leaning into neutrals), you begin to curate a collection of 25-50 pieces for each season. Personally, I do not include athleisure, casual t-shirts or sweatshirts in my capsule, and I'm not especially strict on shoes.

I go into greater detail here, and previous fall wardrobe updates are here and here.

The biggest update to my Capsule Wardrobe are my new favorite pants from JCrew Factory. While I'm not quite ready to part ways with all of my super slim fit dress pants (a la 2018), I'm definitely moving away from them and purchasing a slightly wider leg pant. I've picked up the Jamie pant in both Navy and Black recently. It features an elastic waist in the back, but a tailored front, allowing for a cute front tuck or matching sweater. Best of all, they are machine washable! I also like their very similar Holland pant, if you need gray. They all run true to size.

I definitely need some new jackets/blazers for work. A few times a month, I have to get that dressed up, and I am extremely uncomfortable in suits of any kind. So that usually means a jacket over a dress, or pants and a cute blazer. I found this jacket at Banana Republic Factory, and I love it! It really can be dressed up or down. I actually sized up, but went petite, and it fits so nicely.

I'm also in the market for a new pair of low-heeled tan shoes. Not flats, but definitely under 2-inches. I love the Rieker Mirjam, but none of the colors are right for my Capsule. I have some foot issues, so I definitely opt for comfort and purchase just one or two pairs per year, almost always replacing something that is 5+ years old.

On a more casual note, I also picked up these Rothys boots during an off-season sale, and I'm so excited to wear them when the weather is right!

In terms of outerwear (one of my favorite items to shop for!), I was in need of a black down vest. I wear these to work on more casual days, and almost every weekend fall through spring. My previous Gap one had holes in the pockets and was really starting to fade. I was so excited when I was shopping at a Lululemon pop up outlet, and found this Down for It All Vest in my size!

Now I'm all excited for cooler weather and a chance to wear some of these fun new items.

If you're interested in going the Capsule Wardrobe route, check out my previous posts, and feel free to ask questions on Instagram! I'm a huge advocate, and I recommend adapting to what works for you, especially in this era of hybrid and remote work.

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