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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Fall Capsule Wardrobe Update

One of my favorite things about the changing seasons is changing my wardrobe. Don't get me wrong, I love summertime, but I like fall clothes the best! The layers and textures represent the coziness of the season.

Since the beginning of AndSheWrites, I've shared seasonal wardrobe updates focused on neutral colors and quality over quantity. Lately, I've been in the office more and need a few additional classic pieces. This is what I'm planning to add this season:

This green corduroy dress from J. Crew Factory is already hanging in my closet. While I almost never wear green, this deep hunter reads pretty neutral. It can be dressed up or down and will also work nicely for the holiday season.

I've also already picked up another (my third) sweater blazer from J. Crew Factory. This time, I opted for navy (which, unfortunately, appears to be out of stock). These blazers are comfortable and professional, and they keep me warm in cold meeting rooms! I also own in gray and tan.

Still on my shopping list is a cream sweater--more specifically, this LL Bean classic fisherman cardigan. I've been eyeing it for a couple years, and I think it would be cute with jeans on the weekend or a more casual day in the office. I love items that work in multiple settings!

Finally, I'm in search of a pleated wool skirt, or something along those lines. This Sezane one is beautiful, but expensive; and it looks like it might be too long for my petite frame. I'd also like a brown or gray color to go with what I already own. I have a shorter pleated skirt that I love wearing in the summer so I know it will make a good addition to my wardrobe.

What are you eyeing for fall? Any new trends that you're seeing and shopping?

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