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Tuesday Morning Tidy: Summer Planning Checklist

Every mom knows that while summer is the season of sunshine, warmth and relaxation, it also requires a lot of planning. A Lot. The minute school gets out, even those parents who are home with kids during the summer need to plan for activities and changing schedules.

While my summer planning make look different than yours, hopefully it will help you prepare for this new season!

Camps - From specialty to muncipal, from full day to a couple hours, and from day to overnight--there are numerous options. These start filling up in January, so this is high priority!

Classes - Do you need to sign up for summer tutoring or extra music classes to keep up with your childrens' academic needs? Now is a good time to start scheduling this.

Sports - Summer sports look very different than those taking place during the school year. Maybe you're adding swim team or baseball/softball, or you need to change venues for summer practices. Add those changing schedules to your calendar now to avoid conflicts down the road.

Vacation - If you're traveling this summer, book your accommodations and flights now while they are still available. When we went to book ours recently, some of the lowest priced options were already starting to disappear!

Activities - Are you off during the summer? How will you keep yourself and family on a schedule with some enrichment each week? If you start this research and planning now, you'll have an arsenal or resources when June rolls around. We'll share some of our ideas in the coming weeks, so check back!

Attire - Does your swimmer need a new team suit? Did your baseball player outgrow their glove? Start replacing now, so you're not scrambling the week that their activity starts!

Memberships - If you will be staying close to home, you may want to stock up on memberships to the local pool, children's museum and trampoline park so you can take advantage of weekly visits.

More to come on summer planning! Share your ideas with us on Instagram.

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