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What I'm Loving: First Friday Favorites from September

September was jam packed here on AndSheWrites! From Labor Day to September 30, we shared ideas, tips and reflections on such a wide variety of topics. It was a good month!

We each shared some reading reflections, one on summer favorites and the other on a couple of female-focused novels. Even our reading covered a large span of genres!

It wouldn't be September without a heavy focus on fall, including a Capsule Wardrobe update and some seasonal decor. But we didn't leave out the basics, with a good ole' fashioned cleaning trick and a slow cooker recipe. These are still some of our favorite posts because we know other busy moms will appreciate them!

We are embracing our homes and our families this time of year, and we hope you are too!

If you're looking for links to any of the items above, you can find them in each post, or linked in our bio on Instagram.

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