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Monday Musings: 24 for 2024 Update

So, here we are with a mid-year update! I can't believe it. The first five months of this year have flown by! And truth be told, I only came up with 17 goals for this year, far short of 24. However, I feel really good about the ones I've chosen, and I'm totally embracing my 17 for

Here's an update on how I'm progressing on some of my goals.

  • Buy less plastic. This means I buy bamboo and canvas organizers, cardboard egg cartons, etc. And I've been sticking with it. However, I did notice a giant plastic peanut butter pretzel container in the pantry the other day and made a mental note to look for an alternate option. But I'm thinking about it, and that's half the battle!

  • I have several house updates on the list including a basement window repair and a dining room update. No progress here...

  • Read two books/month. I was sick this month, so I made AMAZING progress. I've already read over 24 books this year, so I could actually check this one off as completed. However, I've read a lot of mediocre stuff, and could stand to challenge myself with some more complex reading material, so I'll focus on that the latter half of the yar.

  • Play the piano once per month. Nope. Not at all. The thing is totally gathering dust. I must revisit for the next several months!

  • Donate blood. This is so important! I was scheduled to do this several months ago, and I had a conflict that prevented me from completing this task. However, my employer holds blood drives throughout the year, so I know I can get this done!

  • No Buy Month. I did it! April was my no-buy month. More here.

  • Monthly Meal Plan. I have a dry erase board in the laundry room with the entire month's meal plan listed. It's been very helpful for my family and me in setting expectations and coordinating shopping lists. I highly recommend!

Obviously, this is not all 17, as I always keep a few private. However, this should give you a good sense of where I'm tracking in my 24 for 2024. And, if you're interested in learning more about this goal-setting method, check out more information, here.

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